I Knit A Little

This time of the year, I almost always get the desire to knit. Whether I knit something is a different story.  However, this time I really wanted to complete a project.  But, wasn't sure what to knit. I wasn't keen on another scarf because frankly, that is all I knit. See, I haven't graduated from scarves yet. So, I decided I need to add to my knitting repertoire.
I ended up enrolling in Stephanie Japel's Knitting Lab and Hats Four Ways on craftsy. Side note, I am becoming a craftsy junkie.  I'll tell you more about that later. One of the projects in the knit lab, is a key hole scarf. This project introduces you to lace, which is something I want to learn.  So, I knitted another scarf. But it's different from what I have knitted in the past. Simple garter stitch scarves with novelty yarns.
This scarf went fast. Working in small amounts of time, I had it completed in a week.  I have to say, I feel fulfilled. LOL!!  Next, I plan on making a matching hat. The yarn I selected comes in a bulky weight. This is the weight I need for the hat in the Knit Hats 4 Ways class.
Here are a few stats on the scarf.
Yarn: Swish Merino Wool from knitpicks 
Needle: US 7
Stitches: knits, purls and yarn overs.
On the sewing front, wrapping up my navy pants.  One of three pairs I want to make for the Fall.

Until next time..........keep sewing!!

PS..Sorry about the different fonts. I started this post on my IPad and finshed on my laptop. For some reasom Blogger isn't converting the fonts well.


Fabric Shopping in New York!!!

There is nothing like having a best friend who also has a love for sewing.  Well, I'm blessed to have such a friend.  Each year Kelly and I plan a fabric shopping trip.  This year we choose NY.  In my opinion there is no place that compares so far to fabric shopping in NY.
Now,this is not our first time fabric shopping in NY.  Our first trip was with Patternview about 2yrs ago.  We had the best time meeting fellow sewer's, the workshops and of course the fabric shopping.  However, on that trip I made 2 mistakes. First, I did not pack the proper shoes to fabric shop at that level.  Second, I did not put together a list.  Therefore, the fabric that I brought didn't have a purpose other than being pretty.

This trip to NY, I was totally prepared.  I made a list of items I wanted to purchase. I packed minimal gear because the goal was to get my purchases home without paying extra for a heavy suitcase. Of course there was a backup plan, FedEx.  Now, here is what you should know about me.  I always pack too much.  If there is a packing 101 class, I should be front and center. Also, this is the first time in my adult life that I have ever traveled with only two pair of shoes. What an adjustment for me.  But, I was proud that I was able to adapt for this fabric mission.

Instead of staying in NY, we decided the stay in Philadelphia (Philly) and commute to NY via train each day.  We decided to do this for cost and just to experience something different. 

So, Thursday we arrive in Philly.  We got settled and headed to Fabric Row.  Fabric Row was interesting to me. It reminded me of the family store fronts I saw growing up in Chicago. You can tell at one time this was the hub for textiles.  Unfortunately, we arrived late in the afternoon, so we only made it to a few stores. 
Friday we headed to NY.  The agenda for Friday: Daytona Trims, Sil and Threads, Parons, Metro Textile, NY Elegant Fabrics, Mendel Goldberg Fabric, B&J's and Rosen & Chadick. Saturdays agenda,Mood fabrics. Yes this was an aggressive schedule.  But, we made it to all the stores except Mendel Goldberg.  In a way I'm glad we didn't make it to Mendel's. With all the beautiful boucle's and printed silk charmuese, I probably would have ended up transferring some funds and having to eating PBJ for the next month.  Ok, here is what I brought home.

Beautiful wool plaid from Philly's fabric row.  For the life of me, I can't remember the store.  I think it was Albert Zoll, but not sure. Anyway, I remember that the fabric prices were not marked. You had to negotiate the price.  I negotiated $10/yd. For this piece, I thinking a sheath dress with faux leather trim.

Supplex was on my list. Spandex House had what I wanted. I've begin an exercise regimen and I decided that is not a reason to look bummy.  So, I'm planning to make a couple of exercise outfits.
Paron's was having a 40% off store wide sale. Oh my goodness. But I think I did pretty good. From left to right, a beautiful silk ombre, a cream lightweight wool, a semi floral silk crepe and a printed silk charmeuse. 

Sweater knit from Metro Textile. My thought is a cardigan style sweater coat with faux leather trim.

The next set of pictures are from Mood's. I purchased knits for tops and worsted wools in basic colors for pants.  I've wanted a red wool skirt and found the perfect piece. I was also looking for cotton for another trench coat. I also found a unique piece of wool denim. The cream and plaid were mentioned above.

Then lastly, I brought picot trims from Daytona Trims and seperating invisible zippers from Sils.
Before we said farewell to Philly, we had cheese steaks from Jim's. Absolutley delicuous!!
Well, I did make it home with everything, no extra fee's and stayed on budget. (just barley) WooHoo!!!

 What's next on  my Fall sewing list?  Wool pant's in the wool's I purchased from Moods.
Until next time.......keep sewing!!!



Finally a Post!!!!! - A Dress and A Blouse

Finally,  I'm able to take time to write a post.  Well, my summer was crazy busy.  But things are beginning to slow down for me.  I won't bore you with details, but I will say my baby sister was married this summer.  I 'm very happy for her, but I have never worked so hard at a wedding.  Wooowee, I'm glad we are related. LOL!!!!

First, I would like to thank everyone for all the nice comments on my sewing room.  I was truly blown away.

I did manage to get  a dress and my white blouse completed this summer.  Not nearly as much as I planned, but something beats nothing.  Instead of two separate post, I decided to do one post.  So , I will start with V1382

Along with Kay Unger, Anne Klein is another designer that I like. This pattern is done in a color block on the Vogue's website.  However, I had a silk/linen black demin in  my stash that I thought this would be perfect.
I didn't care for the pockets, so I didn't include them.  I used the FBA for princess seams technique on this dress. An inch was added to the hips and a 1/4 inch to the waist. I usually underline my linen dresses, but I choose not to on this dress.  I wanted a more casual linen look, wrinkles and all. Beige top stitching on the seams and bemberg lining completed my dress.  I enjoy wearing this dress and would definitely make it again. 

Remember my posting on my white blouse?  Well low and behold its complete!!!!!!  My goodness I feel like a sewing load has been lifted and I can now move forward.  Here it is V8747 view A.

Why it took me so long to finish this blouse, I have absolutely no idea.  But here are the stats.  I used a shirt weight stretch cotton from Moods.  I cut the pattern in an 18 on the top and 20 in the waist and hips. Although this is a custom fit pattern, I had to add a 1/2 inch FBA. I had to increase the hips area by a 1/2 inch and the upper arm area by a 1/2 inch.  The finished sleeve would have hit the fullest part on my arm, so I increased the sleeve length an inch.
This is the first blouse that I have made and I have to say it's nice to have one that really fits.  This pattern will definitely be a staple in my collection. 
Well that is all the sewing I accomplished over the summer.  Next, I will post about my fabric shopping trip in New York last month.
I'm getting ready for fall sewing. I'm working on a different approach this season.  Instead of picking a pattern to sew, I'm looking at building a new wardrobe.  My style is changing and I not sure that it falls in just one category.  I like a classic elegant with a touch of spice style.  So, let's see were I will land. :)
Until next time........keep sewing!!!!!
PS.....the pants are Talbots