The March Report

Where is the time going? I can't believe that it's April already. I didn't get as much sewing done as I would have liked, but something is better than nothing.

On my last post, I was working on a pair of charcoal pair of pants. I did finish them, but I do not have a photo's of them.  There wasn't anything special about them.  I used the same pattern in my other pants post.

I had a conference to attend last month.  My goal was to pack light, so I figured a black sheath, cardigan and jacket. So, I pulled out OOP B5147 and some black tropical wool from my stash.  This is the same pattern that I used for my red linen dress from last summer. The only adjustments I made was to cut it smaller in the neck area and pegged the bottom a little more.

As you know I have begun exploring the world of lingerie sewing. I'm still planning to resume my bra project. But last month I made a pair of lady shorts (I like better than boy shorts). I purchased a book titled Bare Essential Underwear. This book is on construction and pattern drafting lingerie. It also provides basic patterns in the back.  The focus is on different variations of lady shorts and briefs. For example, there is a chapter on basic lady shorts. Then the next chapter is how to make the lady shorts with no side seam. Another on how to make them in all lace, etc. My goal is to make each variation in the book. 

For my first pair,I went scrap diving and came up with these lady shorts. Scraps from a rayon knit dress from last year, I had black cotton Lycra and black picot trim in my stash.  I didn't have to make any adjustments.  The fit is perfect.  Truth be told, they are the most comfortable pair I own.  For the construction I used my serger.  I only used my sewing machine for the 3 step zigzag around the edges of the waist and legs.

Well, I didn't finish my white blouse in time for the contest.  But I am currently working on it this week.  Hopefully I will have it complete by early next week.  Do you have a project that seems like it's taking forever to complete? You find yourself picking it up then putting it down to make something else? Well, this is my situation with my white blouse. But I'm determined to get it complete.
Lastly, I hired another creative assistant. She came highly recommended.  I hired both of her cousins and I'm very satisfied with their performance. Her name is Brother Coverstitch 2340.  Affectionately called girlfriend for now.

Lastly again, this didn't happen last month. I replaced my sewing table last December. My previous configuration was the combination of two Ikea tables to create a L-configuration. The issue was that I kept hitting my knee when I went to use my serger.  Also, there wasn't enough space for another machine. Okay the bottom line, I didn't like it anymore.  So I upgraded to Ikea's galant collection.  This collection is design for business offices and comes with a 10yr warranty. I love it!!!!! With this configuration, I'm only a couple of steps from my cutting table.  That is major for me. I have plenty of table space and my creative assistants have their own place on the table.

Well, that all for my March report. 
Until next time......keep sewing


Where Has She Been???

Hello Everyone,
First, I would like to say Happy New Year to all.  Second ,sorry I have been away so long; I should have dropped a note.
Well, life has been very calm and weird all at the same time. A trip to the doctor revealed that I needed to de-stress and make some health changes.  So choosing to be obedient, I decided to take an inventory of what's important to me, learn to say no and make exercise a part of my life style.  I must say its going well.
So what have I been doing on the sewing front?  Well, not much since I completed my trench coat.  I visited Haberman Fabrics in Royal Oak, MI.  I made some updates to my sewing room and purchased  too many spring patterns.  Currently, I'm working on a pair of charcoal worsted wool pants.  All coming in future posts.

Well, stayed tune.

Until next time, keep sewing!!!


My First Trench Coat - Complete!!!

WooHoo, I finished my trench coat!!!! Just in time, the temperature in my neck of woods has started to drop. (PS...I'm going to stop setting finish dates to my projects, it never works out. lol) This project was fun and challenging.  The challenge for me was the fit.  I talked about the challenges I had with fit in my previous post. So I will not repeat those details. Overall, very much worth my time and effort.  I finally have a coat that fits.

I chose Black Vera Stretch Cotton Sateen from Fabric.com and a rayon silk lining from Moods.  I used a combination of interfacing's in different areas of the coat. I used fusible hair canvas in the collar and collar stand. A medium weight fusible in the front and front facing.  I added a cotton broadcloth stay to the back, shoulder pads and sleeve heads. The pattern is designed with 3/8 seam allowances. Although this is an industry technique per the designer, I increased the seam allowances to 5/8. It just my preference and I knew I would slip up and sew 5/8.

I liked the design and details of this pattern. The collar stand has channel stitching, the lining is bagged and I liked the inverted pleat in the back.  I did not have to make a FBA, the pattern is design with cup sizing up to D.  The cup sizing fit me perfect.

Overall, I like this pattern and would make this coat again. I'm planning to make a red trench coat with animal print lining for the spring.  Haven't decided whether I will use this pattern or McCall's M5525. (This pattern must be out-of-print, can't find it on the site) But I have time to decide.  I will have pictures of me wearing my coat sometime this week.

Currently, I'm working on a taupe worsted wool pant suit. I'm using patterns V8333 and V7881. I'm hoping to have complete by end of month. ( I know what I said earlier, but I can't help myself. lol)
You may remember from a previous post that I started working on my first bra.  Well, I have not forsaken the project.  I have just placed it on hold.  I have 2 weeks vacation coming up and I'm dedicating some time to lingerie sewing. I'm planning to complete a fitted bra, some panties, and a silk full and half slip. I've always wanted to wear silk slips, I figured why not make them for myself.  Lingerie sewing is new territory and I'm excited to add it to my sewing skill set. Plus, I love the idea of being able to make everything I wear.

Well, I thought I would end with a picture of produce from my garden.  The community garden season is over.  I must say eating fresh vegetables this summer was truly a treat and cost effective.  I have frozen some produce like my peppers for the winter.  I really enjoyed this project and look forward to next years season.
Remember to do your breast self examinations!!

Until next time........keep sewing!!!